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At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer a line home video entry systems that are affordable, intuitive and come with a variety of features you are sure to enjoy. Our home video entry system has been installed in apartments, single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes as well as a variety of other residential and commercial settings. 


In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, communication is a key component in the care of patients. Whether that communication is between doctor and nurse, patient to patient or patient to medical personnel, a way to properly communicate helps to enhance the efficiency of staff to be able to provide the best care possible to their patients. A way to enhance this arena is with our Nurse Call Communication systems from BEC Integrated Solutions. 


Tragedies bring with them an array of questions and possible solutions. While politicians and legislators debate as to what the future should hold, we’d like to recommend a solution that could help secure school campuses while also allowing a streamlined way to communicate in case of emergency. The answer is our school duress emergency system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


Experience peace of mind in a whole new way with our line of IP Intercom Systems from BEC Integrated Solutions. These systems are equipped with the latest in technological advancement and come with an array of features you are sure to enjoy.


With an apartment video entry system from BEC Integrated Solutions, you will get the latest in video entry technology coupled with a seamless intercom system that will enhance security and communication at your property. This apartment video entry system is an affordable solution and has been installed in apartments, condominiums, gated communities and other residential properties all across the country.


For over 20 years, BEC Integrated Solutions has been the leader in providing the best wireless nurse call systems on the market today. We’re proud to say we’ve helped over 2,500 medical facilities all around the globe find solutions in healthcare systems. If you’re in the market for wireless nurse call systems, look no further. You’re in the right place.


Advancements in video intercoms shouldn’t be unaffordable. Yet, so many security and video entry companies consider these systems for only the rich and famous. Not anymore. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering video intercoms that feature the latest in technological advancement and yet are affordable for any price point or budget. Our video intercoms feature high-quality cameras, remote access and so much more. Here are four video intercoms that combine innovation with affordability. 


In the ongoing debate of school safety, several questions arise. First, how do we keep teachers and students safe from those that would seek to do them harm? Second, how can we equip schools to be able to respond better to acts of violence? The answer to these questions is found in an emergency response system for schools. This system would be an affordable solution that would help secure schools and other entities while also serving as a way to allow students and staff to be constantly within reach of alarms and emergency signaling.


Home security is a necessity in our society. Families are looking to protect their homes from intruders and other unwanted guests. For over 20 years, BEC Integrated Solutions has been the leader in providing single family video entry systems for residential properties.


It seems to be the most unlikely place that tragedy could occur and yet in the last decade, church shootings have been on the rise. Unsuspecting individuals can be caught off guard by many churches and religious organizations not prepared to respond when emergencies arise. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we have the answer to this growing problem in our church emergency system.


Advancements in technology have brought about societal changes. After all, think about all the things you can do from the palm of your hand on your smartphone. Advancements in medical technology have also changed how we treat and care for patients. One of the main ways this is seen is in the wireless call systems nursing home options available.


Video entry systems are an important innovation in home security and intercom communication. These systems allow users the benefits of knowing who is going and coming from entryways while also being able to communicate from virtually anywhere. The 6-wire video entry system from BEC Integrated Solutions offers the latest in technological advancement with an affordable price tag.


Safety is a chief concern among students and teachers in our everyday society. With occurrences of school shootings and other violent episodes, what can be done to increase safety while also understanding budgetary concerns? The answer can be solved in part with a School Emergency Panic System from BEC Integrated Solutions.


One of the many challenges facing those responsible for senior care is being able to care for the patient at all times. In fact, most recent data reports that 1 in 4 elderly patients will be injured as a result of a fall this year. To combat this problem, we’d like to recommend our line of Nurse Call Wireless Pendants from BEC Integrated Solutions.


The WI Series Wireless Video Monitor combines the latest in video entry technology to help protect a variety of residential and commercial properties. Our WI Series Wireless Video Monitor has been installed in single-tenant units including condominiums, single-family homes, apartments and several other properties.


Senior care facilities and nursing homes alike struggle with the care of patients due to the size of the facility and the number of patients they have in their care. The answer to this need is the nursing home wireless emergency call system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


With some malls experiencing limited budgets and staff, how can you protect those shoppers and send out emergency communication in case of a breach? That’s where we come in. With the shopping mall panic alarm system from BEC Integrated Solutions, each shopping mall is protected and connected with the ability to call for help should the need arise. Our shopping mall panic alarm is an affordable solution for retail and other stores looking to enhance security.


The future is here with our 2-wire video entry system. One wire to accommodate power needs and one to handle video, intercom and door release functions. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s all it takes is 2-wires that deliver you the latest in video entry technology.


To properly care for patients, you need a good staff of nurses, doctors, and office personnel. To allow that staff to do their jobs effectively, you need the proper equipment. Without proper equipment, your staff will be hampered in their ability to provide the best care possible for your patients.


A courthouse is filled with activity on a daily basis. As lawyers, judges and security personnel do their jobs, there is a lot of activity in people going and coming from the building. Security is always a priority in courtrooms, but are facilities properly equipped the way they should be in the case of an emergency?


For over 20 years, BEC Integrated Solutions has been providing elite level entry systems for homes and businesses. Our team of experienced designers takes time to make sure our clients get the wireless video doorbell that is specific to the needs of their property. Thousands of satisfied customers agree that the wireless video doorbell provides numerous features that provide a measure of security and convenience.


Medical professionals work in a fast-paced environment as they seek to provide the best care possible to patients. An essential component of any successful healthcare operation is communication. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we have a way to increase efficiency in your operational communication in our line of Rath Communication Devices.


What solution could be put in place that would provide security protection, fast emergency communication and also be an affordable solution for educational budgets? The answer is found in our school safety system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


If you are looking for a video entry system that combines all the latest in technological innovation but also is streamlined to allow for quick access than you need the IP Video Entry system from BEC Integrated Solutions. This system is one of the most advanced on the market today and has been installed in homes, single tenant apartments, condominiums and several other residential and commercial settings.



For over 20 years, BEC Integrated Solutions has been providing security products and systems to help enhance security at facilities both residential and commercial. Our line of panic systems will provide a secure system for your facility, while also allowing individuals to access panic alarms and other emergency notifications at the press of a button.


Voice Based Nurse Call Systems are an essential component of any medical facility in helping to streamline communication and emergency signaling. These systems help your staff move about their duties, while also allowing the patient to have a constant source of contact should they need it. Which Voice Based Nurse Call System is right for you?



With the advancements in technology, entry monitoring is simple and effective in providing an extra layer of security protection for your home or office. These video entry systems are also affordable and can be easily installed in homes, apartments, condominiums, gated-communities or a variety of other commercial or residential settings.


What can be done to help protect students and teachers? While the debate continues, there is another solution which can enhance security at schools by providing a quick and reliable method to signal an emergency. That security solution is our school duress system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


For those who care for an elderly loved one and would love to still give them the freedom and flexibility of movement in their homes, the answer to this concern is clear in our Smart Caregiver fall prevention devices. These devices come in a variety of styles and can meet a number of needs.


Real estate experts always talk about location, location, location but another necessity that tenants are looking for in where to live is security, security, security. That’s where we come in. BEC Integrated Solutions provides the latest in video intercom entry systems coupled with an affordable price to fit any budget.


How can you protect those who help manage your hotel and provide quality service to your guests? The answer is found in our wireless emergency alarm system from BEC Integrated Solutions. This system will provide a way for your employees and guests to call for help should an emergency situation arise.


Awards are given in recognition of the best in products and professions. Whether it is an actor receiving an Academy Award or a car company receiving a trophy for their latest design, people recognize that awards are given to those who deserve the recognition because of their work. In the healthcare industry, the System Technologies Wireless Nurse Call was the first system to earn the UL1069 recording for “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment.”


Advancements in our technological age have allowed you to further enhance the security at your home or office. These days, the connection between security and technology is as advanced as ever with our line of video security entry systems. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the latest in technological innovation, coupled with a user-friendly interface and affordable price.


Proper tools and systems are essential to be able to accomplish a variety of tasks. The same is true in healthcare and that is why we provide our Emergency Call Response systems. These systems provide a way for patients to be able to call for help, while also maintaining efficiency in allowing your staff to go about their duties.


In an instant, a violent or sexual crime can take place. In hotels, these instances can go unheard because of the number of rooms or location of security. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide you a system that will help provide a way for guests or staff to call for help in an emergency situation. This reliable and intuitive solution is our wireless panic alarm system.


There is beauty in the uncomplicated simplicity of things that work. Your reliable car or the microwave, these things accomplish the task with great dependability. You know that each time you use it, it will work and do what it needs to do. The same is true of the Single Unit 6-Wire System from BEC Integrated Solutions.


Many elderly people love the freedom and flexibility of being able to enjoy their golden years. Still, the ever-present reality of health and safety make it mandatory for individuals to have access to personal safety devices to be able to call for help. For years, these devices were limited in their capabilities. That all changed with the Numera Libris Personal Safety Device.


Enhance your security systems with alarm push button stations which can be installed anywhere throughout your facility. These stations can provide quick emergency communication by sounding an alarm at the press of a button.


How do you keep track of patient wandering? Is there a solution to help protect your patients while also protecting your healthcare facility? The answer to patient wandering is found in our ResidentGuard system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


Advancements in technology usually come with a high price tag. After all, check out the latest gadgets or smartphones and you’re sure to see a higher cost for the newest innovations. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we think the best technology should be affordable for any budget and that’s why we offer our IP Video Security system.


Recent events have left the country asking, what can be done to keep our children safe at school? Ideas and solutions come from all sides with the hope that another senseless tragedy could possibly be prevented. What is the answer? We’d like to offer a solution that can help schools and universities stay safe by providing a reliable and affordable security solution.



If you are looking for a nurse call system that is user-friendly, reliable and affordable then look no further than theRath CliniCare Nurse Call system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. This innovative system comes pre-programmed to default settings so operation is as easy as plugging it in and using it.


It happens in an instant. One moment, the usual events of a Sunday morning church service is shattered as a gunman enters the congregation and begins firing. Within seconds, this sacred place of peace has turned into a desperate cry for survival. But instead of joining the endless debate on gun control, ministries and other religious centers can benefit from a church panic system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


We understand the conflict between safety and simplicity. After all, you want to feel safe at all times, but you also don’t want to have the rigor of several complicated checks and scans just to be able to access your home or apartment. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our Single Unit Video Doorbell System.


School shootings are an ever-present reality in our society today. It seems as though every couple of months, television screens are lined with horrific images of those suffering at the hands of a deranged individual who seeks to kill as many as possible. Aside from the debates of how to prevent these tragedies, we’d like to offer a security solution that could help in emergencies with our School Duress Alarm System.


Emergency situations require the best in training and response. Nurses, doctors and staff spend years in schooling preparing for that one moment, that one situation in which seconds could mean the difference between life and death. In technology, the same is true in having proper equipment to respond to a variety of emergencies.


Our desire is to help our customers by providing our BEC Part Repair service to diagnose, fix and deliver products back in a timely manner. We take a two-step approach in servicing the systems of our customers. This approach sets us apart in providing unparalleled service at an affordable price.


Technological advancements have streamlined many facets of our modern society. Healthcare has also seen the effects of technology in enhancing care by allowing nurse call systems to assist staff in carrying out their duties. One of the systems being utilized by a variety of healthcare facilities is the TekTone 400 P5 Nurse Call System offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


Security and communication are perfectly joined in our MT Series Video Intercom System. This system combines the latest in video intercom technology to provide a safe and user-friendly experience.


In healthcare, often times the hustle and bustle of everyday life can allow patients to go unnoticed. Sadly, some patients wander or are lost and are not discovered until a fall or other emergency has taken place. Well, not anymore with our TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System from BEC Integrated Solutions. This system has provided a way to enhance security while helping staff keep track of the patients in their care.


Our PC based Wireless Nurse Call System offers the latest in wireless nurse call technology at an affordable price. This system is our most advanced system and provides and all-in-one solution for your facility.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we take pride in providing the best Replacement Intercom Systems on the market today. Our team of experienced design reps can help you pinpoint a system that will enhance the feel and look of your home or office.


In an emergency, seconds become that much more important. Whether it is a fire, medical or safety emergency, the split-second decisions made by those present at the scene could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why we employ the TekTone Area of Rescue System to help connect those in need with security and emergency response personnel.


When it comes to home intercom systems, few companies have the reputation of reliability and affordability like Channel Vision. We’re proud to offer Channel Vision Home Intercom Systems that will enhance the communication and enjoyment of your home or office.


We’ve combined security protection with intercom communication to give you a innovative IP Video Monitoring System. This system is available for several avenues of residential and commercial settings and provides a secure way to monitor activity at entry points while also being able to easily access your home or office.


When it comes to the latest advancements in nurse call technology coupled with the reliability and affordability, look no further than TekTone Voice-Based Nurse Call Systems offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. These systems have been utilized in hospitals, senior care facilities, clinics, nursing homes and a variety of other medical settings.


With our line of M&S Home Intercom Systems, your entertainment will be greatly enhanced. Whether it is communicating through the intercom system to ask for that drink refill or listening to your favorite music as it streams throughout the system, our M&S Home Intercom Systems offer entertainment value that is unparalleled in home intercom systems.


With all of the advancements in medical technology, patients can often feel a disconnect as staff carry out their routine assignments. We’d like to show you a way to still have efficiency that medical technology brings but also re-establish the personal touch with patients in our TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System.


If you are looking for a latest and greatest in video intercom technology, look no further than the WI Series Wireless Video System offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. This system provides so many enhancements in communication and security and is an ideal solution for a variety of residential and commercial settings.


What if we told you that you can experience a reliable and dependable nurse call system but still have it be affordable? This reality is available with our line of TekTone Nurse Call Systems.


The latest in technological innovation is found in our 2-wire multi-tenant video intercom. Security and communication are perfectly married in this revolutionary new system. Residential and commercial settings have benefited from the power and simplicity offered in the 2-wire multi-tenant video intercom.


Technology has revolutionized society but it has also changed the medical community in how we care for patients. Now, more resources and tools are available to help senior care facilities enhance the overall care they give to their patients. One of those advancements in technology is our Accutech nursing home pendants.


If you live in it, we can cover it with our line of whole-home intercom systems. These innovative and affordable solutions give you complete coverage throughout your home, apartment, condominium or other residential or commercial settings


Now is the time of year when we all do a little self evaluation. As we look over the events and habits of the past year, we look ahead hoping to better ourselves in certain ways. Maybe this is the year you want to lose weight, go back to school or mend that relationship? Aside from personal growth, we’d like to introduce you to a resolution for your home intercom system: our Retro-M Replacement Intercom.


For over two decades, BEC has provided the best nursing home wander management systems on the market today. Our systems have been utilized in over 2,500 medical facilities around the globe including numerous nursing homes, clinics and a variety of other senior care locations.