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Our blog posts for 2017:


In 2017, several tragedies occurred which caused people to reconsider safety features in their homes and businesses. It is for this reason that we think you should take a fresh look at entryway access control.


Whether you got a Christmas bonus from your boss or a special check from Grandma, there are a variety of options you can spend that extra money on. We’d like to recommend enhancing the entertainment, communication and value of your home with our music intercom system.


For over two decades, BEC Integrated Solutions has been the industry leader in helping over 2,500 medical facilities around the globe determine the right products and systems for their facility. We understand that no two facilities are alike and that’s why our wireless nurse call stations are equipped to serve different sized situations.


Luxury has met affordability with our valet home video intercom. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to provide elite intercom systems for our clients to enjoy.


This Christmas season, Santa isn’t the only one who knows who is naughty and who is nice. That same power is in your hands with our wireless video doorbell system. This innovative system has served the needs of various residential and commercial settings by providing components of intercom technology with reliable security technology.


During this holiday season, family and friends will gather around the dinner table to celebrate. But there is another group of people who will be lonely this holiday season. Instead of a warm spot by the fireplace, these patients will be housed in a hospital bed. But there is one thing this patient will be able to experience thanks to our wireless patient call system: connection.


Many people don’t bother to replace their existing system because they fear how much it will cost or how difficult it will be to install. Well we say out with the old and in with the NuTone with our line of NuTone Home Intercom Systems.


The bathroom emergency pull cord with wireless alarm comes with many of our wireless nurse call systems which are pre-programmed for you at no additional charge. The pull cords are just one of several components that can help you monitor patient activity and respond quickly in an emergency.


Those cracks and muffled sounds coming out of your intercom units are a telltale sign that your existing home intercom system is nearing the end of its life. If you are in the market for a replacement home intercom system, look no further than the elite systems and products offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


In nursing homes and senior care facilities, a nursing home call light system is an essential piece of equipment to help care for elderly patients. These systems help to monitor patient activity while providing a quick and direct emergency response should a need arise.


We all know he’s making a list and checking it twice, but Santa really only has one thing on his mind this holiday season and that is the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom. Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and all of the elves and would benefit from the security and communication features of this innovative intercom system.The WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom has numerous features that residential and commercial properties have utilized to help keep people safe.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves on having the reputation of serving the needs of our clients. Whether it is a small clinic or a large hospital campus, our products are second to none in helping to enhance the care and efficiency of any medical facility.


According to real estate experts, safety is a primary concern for tenants looking to rent an apartment. After all, who wants to constantly be looking over their shoulder as they approach their front door. At BEC Integrated Solutions, safety and security are our priority and that’s why we provide our IP Apartment Intercom for a variety of residential properties.


The triangle has been called the strongest shape known to man. The reason? Because of the shape, it is able to stand strong against any obstacle merely because of the makeup and design. Although our three button video intercom isn’t designed in the shape of a triangle, there three facets of the design of the system that allow the user to experience enormous benefit for a home, apartment or small business.


In medicine, time is also of the utmost importance. Instead of seconds determining a score or an outcome, these ticks of the clock can mean the difference between life and death in medicine. Time is nothing to overlook and that is why we offer an elite line of wireless e-call systems for your medical facility.


With many wired and wireless options available, it can be hard to know which video intercom system is right for you. That’s why we provide the expert knowledge to help you determine which system will be the right fit.


When you stop and think about it, we all have things in our lives that we are thankful for, but did you ever stop to think that your home intercom system could also be a source of blessing in your life? Aside from convenience, your home intercom system provides you with several features that help enhance those moments around the dinner table.


Aside from the brick and mortar, we’d like to recommend a solution that will save you money while providing enhanced nurse call coverage throughout your new wing or new facility. We’re talking about our Nursing Home Wireless Emergency Call System. As the name implies, this system can provide nurse call operation without having to have a specific wiring configuration or installation. The system is wireless and can expand as needed to give complete coverage.


In technology, companies and innovators are always pushing the bounds of what is possible. But there is a piece of technology that combines the latest advancements with the simplicity of use to enhance the overall safety and communication in your home or office. We’re talking about a Wireless Video Intercom from BEC Integrated Solutions.


 A price can’t be put on reputation as it carries an enormous weight in any decision making process. Customers are more likely to purchase from someone they trust. In the realm of nurse call systems, few have the reputation like System Technologies.


Whether it is a high-definition television or those stainless steel appliances, you know that the right kinds of systems can enhance the overall feel and experience of your home. The same is true in installing a Home Music Distribution System from BEC Integrated Solutions. These systems combine all of the usual features you know in a home intercom system, but allow your home to allow be the canvas for a variety of music entertainment.


In any emergency situation, proper equipment can means the difference between life and death. At BEC Integrated Solutions, our line of emergency call systems for seniors provide a way for individuals to get help when they need it most.


If you are looking for an affordable and dependable security system for your home or office, the 4 Button Video Intercom will provide enhanced security and a way to monitor entry access.


With over 20 years in the industry, you can say at BEC Integrated Solutions we’ve been getting it right in wireless nurse call. Our customers know that when it comes to dependable and intuitive systems at an affordable price, there is no place else to look.


When going on a trip, often you are asked to pack the essentials for what you are going to be experiencing. You consider the location, activities and other scenarios to hopefully pack the items that you’ll need. The same is true in considering the equipment and systems necessary for your nursing home or senior care facility. Nursing Home Pendants are an essential that is needed to help keep your patients safe.


BEC Integrated Solutions is the expert in understanding what sets each Home Intercom Manufacturer apart. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with the best Home Intercom Manufacturers to provide the best systems for residential and commercial properties. In all our experience with different companies, four have risen to the top in providing some of the best and most useful home intercom systems on the market today.


We all like to know what is happening, who is around and what challenges we’ll face throughout the day. But life just isn’t like that all the time is it? We can’t control if there will be traffic on our morning commute? We can’t control if it will rain or what will happen with the stock market. What you can control is your security system for your home or office with our Wireless Duress Alarm System.


In our technological world, many homes and businesses are experiencing the benefits of video intercom systems. These systems help to enhance security and improve communication in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves in being the experts in video intercom systems.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer Stand Alone Access Control systems that will help protect your residential and commercial properties. These Stand Alone Access Control systems have been utilized in warehouses, gated communities, condominiums, business offices, schools, parking garages and a variety of other settings. Each Stand Alone Access Control protects your doors and provides greater security for your entry points.


With all the advancements of medical technology, you need a nurse call system that can help enhance care for your patients while helping to assist your nurses and staff with their daily tasks. That’s where we come in. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we’re the experts at knowing the latest in nurse call technology.


For over 20 years, our customers have relied on us to provide dependable and affordable Home Intercom for both residential and commercial properties. With that in mind, here are our top seven Home Intercom Systems on the market today.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we understand that trust is an important aspect of your business. We offer part repair service that is unparalleled in the industry today. Our technicians can service all brands of nurse call systems, hospital patient beds or bed lifts.


This system is an ideal solution for two tenant residential properties such as condominiums, apartments, multi-family houses or even a small business office. These Two Tenant Video Entry systems can cover up to four entrances to provide secure access and entryway communication for your home or office.


There is a perception that intercom is merely for greeting guests at the door when in reality intercom systems have developed over the years to features new and exciting ways of communication and security for homes and businesses.


Home entertainment seems like a luxury you only see on television shows or in movies. After all, these gizmos and gadgets are only for those who can afford them. Not anymore. With our Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo system, you can enjoy a whole new level of home entertainment. This innovative and affordable system will enhance your music distribution throughout your home or office, providing a superior sound.


Learn all about Nurse Call! With all of the nurse call systems available on the market today, how do you know which is best for your medical facility?


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we feel you should be able to enjoy the latest in video intercom innovation without putting strain on your home or business budget.


In today’s world of advanced technology, we’d like to tell you about our ResidentGuard Wander Management system which can effectively help you track and monitor patients and staff within your facility.


With all the latest in security technology, one thing is clear: the IP Video Intercom is one of the most advanced and innovative systems on the market today.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we’ve provided only the best Room Status products to our customers for over 20 years. Our Room Status systems have been installed in nursing homes, hospitals, senior care facilities, offices, clinics and a host of other medical and healthcare facilities. In fact, our Room Status has been installed in over 2,500 medical facilities around the globe.


Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are places and locations where cries for help can go unnoticed. Parking garages, staircases, basements and other locations can become a nightmare for people who are in need of help. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide a solution to those in need of help during an emergency with our Area of Rescue systems.


With all of the options available in healthcare technology today, it helps to have an expert on your side to show you the best systems for your medical facility. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide our clients with the information they need to increase efficiency and handle all aspects of their medical operation.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer a School Security Duress Alarm that will help organizations prepare and respond to emergency or security situations. Like any test for a student, the proper understanding of information is needed for success. The same is true in our School Security Duress Alarm system.


In our modern world, security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. When people are looking for a place to live, how safe the area or neighborhood is comes right at the top of the priority list. Our customers agree that the Video Door Intercom System provides a reliable and innovative solution to security monitoring.


Don’t become another troubling statistic in the growing trend of falling patients. Protect those within your care with the Smart Caregiver Fall Prevention system.


Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we take pride in providing reliable and dependable products to our customers. An easy-to-use system we have in our elite line of products is our Wireless Video Intercom. This Wireless Video Intercom system will help enhance the security at your home or office by providing video monitoring, clear two-way communication and so much more.


The TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System is a low-cost solution to your dated medical technology. This system will help improve the efficiency and communication in your facility. Assisted care facilities, small hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities have found the TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System to be a reliable and affordable addition to their current infrastructure.


Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide an elite line of products and systems to our customers. Our team of experts will help you design a customized home intercom system for your home or office. These home intercom systems provide an enhanced user experience you are sure to enjoy.


Recent data shows that the average American will visit a mall once a month. With more people comes a heightened security risk. That’s where we come in with the Mall Security Duress Alarm system. This revolutionary product will help to track and monitor activity in your shopping center, and provide a safe and dependable security solution for your needs.


Listen, you know your existing nurse call system is slowing you down. Our Wireless Nurse Call System is a must for any medical facility. With its low-cost operation and ease of install, the Wireless Nurse Call System will bring efficiency and dependability to your operation.


There is a certain confidence that comes when someone puts money behind something. Whether it is the stock market, a particular investment opportunity or some other financial venture, when there is confidence and stability behind a product, you know that it is a smart investment to get involved. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we have a line of home intercom systems that are second to none on the market today.


Our IP Based Video Intercom system combines the simplicity and user-friendliness of security innovation and couples it with a dependable infrastructure to combine into one powerful and affordable system.


In your medical facility, we’d like to offer you an extra assistant for your healthcare needs. This personal assistant is never late, has excellent communication skills and will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of your staff. Of course, we’re talking about the MV400 Wireless Nurse Call from BEC Integrated Solutions. 


Our Wireless Panic Alarm System has been installed in colleges, business offices, apartment complexes, gated communities, senior care healthcare facilities, nursing homes and a variety of other commercial and residential settings. No matter the size or situation, our Wireless Panic Alarm System can cover your property or building to keep it safe.


We’ve come up with an alternative to those audible alarms with our Room Status System. This system employs visual light signals to locate and/or summon doctors or other medical personnel within the facility. Gone are the needs of loud pagers or speakers.


What if we told you that your home entertainment could also serve as a helpful security solution for your home? To go a step further, what if your home entertainment system also included state-of-the-art home intercom technology? Those features have become a reality in our Music Intercom System.


With so much uncertainty in the world, there is one constant in residential and commercial security and that is an Area of Rescue System from BEC Integrated Solutions. This emergency response system is one of the most dependable security solutions on the market today and has been used in parking garages, colleges, businesses, stairwells and a variety of other settings.


Imagine a system that could work in any setting while providing an elite level of security features? Well that security system is here with our Duress Alarm System. This revolutionary product has been utilized in businesses, schools, office complexes, medical facilities, retail stores, parking garages, gas stations, banks, churches and so much more.


When it comes to patient care, you need all components to be working in conjunction to be able to provide the best service and care to your patients. Think of it like a three-legged barstool, if one of the legs isn’t working properly, the chair is going to wobble and eventually fall over. The same is true in having a three-pronged approach to successful healthcare service.


Aside from the educational environment fostered at schools and universities, a major priority of any educational institution is the safety of its students and faculty. With tragic school shootings becoming a more normal occurrence, heightened security measures and training are an essential component to keeping your school facility secure. A system that is helping to enhance security at schools all around the country is the school video intercom system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


The MicroVision 200z wireless nurse call system is the most basic wireless nurse call system we offer. Yet it packs a punch in the many features and elements that you will sure enjoy.


Technology can be intimidating. We all know a relative or a friend who struggles with wrapping their minds and fingers around the latest devices. From smartphone technology to Siri, each new innovative breakthrough brings with it a challenge of learning that new technology. That's where we come in.


We offer the Accutech LC1200 and LS2400 Wander Management systems for your health care facility. These systems have been beneficial in being able to track and monitor patient activity. Our Accutech Wander Management systems have been installed in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, senior care communities and a host of other medical buildings.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the best in home intercom technology. Our systems have been installed in a variety of residential and commercial applications and each systems helps to enhance communication, security and even provide entertainment in whatever setting they are installed in.


The PC based wireless nurse call system is an all-in-one solution to help increase efficiency and patient care for your staff. With its customization integrative features, the PC based wireless nurse call system is an affordable and dependable solution in nurse call systems. Years from now, the healthcare industry will look back at the PC based wireless nurse call system as a stepping stone to give medical staff the tools they need to provide quality care. 


As the name implies, our wireless intercom system is easy to install as no wires are required for the system to operate. Also, our wireless intercom system saves you money in it’s energy-efficient use.


You wouldn’t want a kicker trying to run the ball or a catcher trying to pitch. In the same way, you want proper equipment in your security systems that is designed to cover each area of your business. With that in mind, let us introduce you to the Tek-SAFE area of rescue system from BEC Integrated Solutions.


When it comes to video entry systems, wiring and infrastructure are an essential to the operation of the system. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer our video entry systems with CAT5 cabling. Most people don’t think about the cabling of the video entry system. Their minds gravitate towards the stunning features or the affordability of each system. While our video entry systems come with great features of video monitoring, door release and entryway access, let’s talk about three advantages of CAT5 cabling for your video entry system. 


When ordering at your favorite restaurant, often a waiter will try to up sell you on the benefits of adding to your order. After all, a cheeseburger is taken to a whole new level when you add smoky and crispy pieces of bacon or the restaurant’s special sauce. In all cases, these additions can enhance your overall experience. Wireless nurse call systems are no different in that there are a variety of optional software and equipment upgrades that can help increase the efficiency and functioning power of your wireless nurse call system. 


In healthcare, we have our own blindside protector in our line of ResidentGuard Wander Management products. These ResidentGuard Wander Management products will help you care for elderly patients in hospitals and other senior-care facilities. 


Now, your patients can enjoy the freedom and flexibility they are looking for while under your care. It will almost seem like they are at home as your patients can freely move around their room or designated area, clean and wash themselves or even use therapy pools while knowing their Accutech waterproof tags will continue to function. Our Accutech waterproof tags are sealed with a durable silicone coating to prevent any kind of moisture issue. That means, your staff can spend more time on patient care and less time worrying about or fixing issues with patient tags. 


In our day and age, workers are extra conscience of the protection of their work environment. With recent news of shootings and violence in the workplace, your employees are more aware than ever of the possible hazards that could come with the job. But what if we could help alleviate some of those concerns? What if there was a way to ensure the ultimate protection in access control technology? We put the “eMerge” into emergency access control protection. 


Don’t let size be the ultimate factor in your wireless nurse call choice. Whether you are a small clinic or a multi-campus hospital system, we offer a wireless nurse call system that will meet the needs of your facility and staff. Our wireless nurse call systems come pre-programmed for you at no additional charge and we offer free technical and programming support for the life of the system. Get started today by using our free online quote tool to create your wireless nurse call system. 


This music intercom system has transformed home intercom by providing an array of features you are sure to enjoy. Of course, our IntraSonic music intercom system provides the usual aspects of home intercom technology, but our system enhances these features to a whole new level.


Although there is no absolute way to prevent falls from happening, equip yourself with the necessary fall prevention devices to respond as quickly as possible. These fall prevention devices will help your facility be a safe and secure way to serve your patients!


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we’re confident that our line of replacement intercom systems will be a needed and appreciated solution in your home. There won’t be the drama of unreliable connection, crackly-sounding intercom or any other issues. With our replacement intercom systems, those problems disappear as you enjoy the numerous features of our intercom systems. 


What if we told you the best thing you could do in your life right now would be to go single? But we’re not talking about a relationship so put that phone back down before you make a mistake. What we’re talking about is going single in our single tenant video entry systems. These systems are a reliable and affordable solution for residences looking to monitor one to three entryways. 


When it comes to nurse call systems in the medical field, a secret ingredient also makes all the difference. We’re not talking about a special sauce or cooking method, but in talking about increasing efficiency for your facility. Our secret ingredient is found in our line of nurse call systems.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the best CCTV Camera Systems you can buy. What makes our CCTV Camera Systems the best are the numerous features they have. Whether you are looking for IP cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras,  PTZ cameras or flush mount cameras, we have an elite line of Channel Vision products that will help secure your home or office. 


If you are looking for a wander management system that is dependable, affordable and a system that can help alleviate some of the monitoring duties, look no further than a wander management system from BEC. We’ve been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing affordable wander management systems all around the globe! Use our online quote tool to create a customized quote for your wander management system. 


With each administration, the juggernaut that is healthcare has been incessantly debated and reformed with the hope that care will be more available to everyone while also hoping to keep costs low. But behind every exclusive interview or pie chart theory lies one answer to the glaring questions of affordability and efficiency. That solution is found in a wireless nurse call system from BEC Integrated Solutions. 


When all components are working together, a team or business is going to see good success. The same is true in wireless intercom technology offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. Our wireless intercom solutions are reliable, innovative and offer an elite access control system for your home or business.


Awards matter because it is a recognition of the product and effort demonstrated by the team and the organization. Whether it is business, sports or some other venue, awards give credibility to that business or sports team. The same is true when considering a new nurse call system for your medical facility. 


You can’t prevent every possible scenario, but with our school video intercom system in place, you’ll be able to securely monitor activity at each entryway. Give your teachers and students extra peace of mind in knowing entrances are being monitored at all times through the dependable security solutions found in our school video intercom system.


For decades, BEC has been an industry leader in providing the best healthcare equipment on the market. We haven’t just sold systems, but our part repair support has helped save our customers time and money in fixing a variety of issues over the life of their equipment.


Experience all of the benefits and security offered through a wireless intercom system. These wireless intercom systems are an affordable solution to your home or business and provide many of the same features you have seen in other intercom models.


Area of rescue is an important component for any parking garage, apartment complex or a variety of other commercial or residential properties. These are of rescue systems ensure that individuals have a way to contact emergency personnel should the need arise.


As an industry leader for the past two decades, BEC has the reputation for providing our customers with dependable access control systems at an affordable price. Each of our access control systems provide a dependable security solution for your commercial or residential property needs. 


Recent years have brought with them more advancements into TV resolution. After all, remember the days of rabbit ears and holding the antenna just right to get the picture of the game? Resolution and high definition are important to us because we want to be able to see content in explicit detail. Shouldn’t the same be true of your IP video intercom?


Preference is a part of everyday life. It’s what makes us as individuals unique. Preference is also an important aspect in choosing a nurse call system. 


At BEC, we offer wander management solutions to assist in tracking patient location and other medical information. These wander management systems have been utilized in a variety of medical facilities including nursing homes, hospitals and senior care facilities. This affords your patients the opportunity to move around and have independence, but limits their activity to certain zones of your facility.


Although seemingly unnoticed, these area of rescue systems are essential to commercial properties in helping to have reliable emergency response systems in place when crisis arise. Our area of rescue systems are well equipped with heavy duty elements to avoid malfunctions during an emergency situation. That gives you the peace of mind in knowing your area of rescue system will work when you need it most. 


At BEC, we have the latest home intercom system technology that has been improved to enhance features you have come to love in existing intercom systems, but also offer new applications to home intercom. Best of all, these new home intercom systems can often match with existing wiring configurations of your current setup in your home or office. So installation doesn’t require a major renovation but a simply disconnect and reconnect with your new system. 


Our PC Based wireless nurse call combines the latest in innovation with the customization needed for your specific facility needs. This revolutionary system allows nearly any existing patient technology system to be merged into one unified wireless call bell system. That means, you don’t have to get a whole new system for your medical facility.


Whether you are looking for a voice, telephone or video building entry system, you are sure to enjoy the best innovative technology available on the market today. Gone are the days of curiously wondering who is at the front door. With our video building entry system, you will be able to see who is at the front door from the palm of your hand or through your video monitor.


At BEC, we offer intercom systems that bring the same intercom technology you know and enjoy, with modern advancements and upgrades. Our replacement intercom system will replace most 3,4,6,7 and 8 wire systems using existing wires, making them easy to install. Each replacement intercom system comes with several innovative features that make it a must for your home or office.


No matter your needs, no matter your level of technological understanding, our access control systems make sure that your home or business stays safe every day, in every circumstance. Because we know you're counting on it, we make sure our access control systems live up to the highest standard of security without compromise. When you choose one of our access control systems, you choose a reliable, efficient and safe system. It doesn't have to be complicated - it just has to work. And we make sure our access control systems work for you.


The Intrasonic Retro-M home intercom system makes upgrading so easy because it is designed to fit in the place of most current intercom systems, and even uses the same wiring you've already got set up throughout your walls. And as long as your master station is 9.5 inches or less, you can reuse your in-wall housing unit, saving you even more time and money. 


When seconds matter most, make sure you have the area of refuge systems that will be there to help. With over 20 years of experience and a wide array of satisfied customers, our area of refuge products will help your facility be connected to help at the press of a button. Take a moment to fill out a brief form that will instantly calculate and email a proposal for your consideration.


The medical field is changing, evolving, on an almost daily basis. Medical technology needs to be on pace just like the world that relies so strongly upon it. Any medical facility, big or small, simply cannot function well without a reliable, efficient nurse call system. That's where we come in. At BEC, we have some of the country's leading wireless nurse call systems to offer you, because we know there's no point in providing a nurse call system if you can't count on it in the real world.


Since we turn to our smartphones for so much of our wireless and daily needs, maybe it's time we brought our home intercoms into the 21st century as well. With an IP video intercom, all the resources for your important, daily security and internet tools are now at your fingertips. Just click on the free, instant quote tool, and soon you could be clicking on a weather app on your very own modern and affordable home IP video intercom indoor monitor station!


Your home intercom system just isn't cutting it anymore. Sure, it seemed like a cool feature when you purchased your home. But once you settled in, you realized it turned into more of a hassle than an asset. Maybe it didn't even work properly! So you let it alone, frustrated with the unusable or outdated technology wired all throughout your house. Home intercoms are not meant to be this way. We at BEC provide some of the best, most technologically advanced and user friendly replacement intercoms available today. Get the best use out of what's already in your home -- replace your intercom now!


Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer quality from our most expensive video intercom systems to our entry level video intercom systems. Each system is reliable, dependable and can be used in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Our video intercom systems have been installed in office buildings, gated communities, apartment complexes, hotels, colleges and so much more. Regardless of your property, we have a quality video intercom system that will meet your needs.


Firsthand experience matters and that’s why we’re proud to have our nurse call system installed in over 2,500 medical facilities across the country. These medical facilities range from senior care facilities to multi-campus hospital systems with each agreeing that a nurse call system from BEC Integrated Solutions provides the durability and efficiency needed in a nurse call system.


Security systems come with a variety of features, and while each one serves a purpose, it is important to determine the needs of your facility in order to choose the proper security system. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we proudly offer access control, area of rescue systems, CCTV, intercoms and many other options relating to security systems. Our systems provide an elite level of security monitoring, are easy to install and come at an affordable price.


Each of our area of rescue systems provides the lifeline needed in emergency situations. You can rest assured knowing that communication will be quick and direct, allowing each scenario to be addressed in the timeliest way possible. These area of rescue options could mean the difference between life or death and that’s why an area of rescue system from BEC Integrated Solutions is a must for your emergency communication needs.


As you think about your access control system needs, what comes to mind? Perhaps you are looking for video monitoring and remote access? We have an access control system for that. Perhaps you are looking for key fob and other forms of entry access? We have an access control system for that as well. Whatever your needs, you can trust that an access control system from BEC Integrated Solutions will provide a secure, reliable and affordable solution.


Our upgrade nurse call system is a must for any healthcare or medical facility. Whether you are a small clinic or a large hospital system or senior care facility, we can provide an upgrade nurse call system that will be dependable, innovative and affordable. Let our upgrade nurse call system provide the reliability you need for years to come!


As kids of all ages know, Mom sees everything, leaving countless children wondering if their mothers literally had eyes in the backs of their heads. Although that myth is untrue, what is true is that high-quality imaging and surveillance are available in our new IP Video Intercom. Sure, this elite system won’t bake warm chocolate chip cookies but the IP Video Intercom does come with a variety of features that you will be sure to enjoy.


Statistical analysis is invaluable to any healthcare facility; when you can compile, store and read the daily data of a typical day in a hospital or care home, you can see what is working and where changes need to be made. This statistical reporting software is easy to use and can be read in real time.


When you contact our support staff for nurse call system repair, our technicians will diagnose the issue with your system and advise you on the best possible solution. We won’t try to upsell a system or replace unnecessary parts if fixing a part is all that is required. Our job is the nurse call system repair issue with your budget in mind,


Replacing your home intercom system isn’t as simple as just ordering one online or purchasing one from the nearest store. There are several steps you need to take to ensure you buy the proper retrofitting system in order to take advantage of the wires already in place. You’ll find that you can save a lot of time and money by making sure you are purchasing the right system.


No matter your security needs, we have the solution. When expectations are high, our building entry systems rise to meet each and every challenge. Rest easy with our many excellent building entry options, each suited for your specific commercial needs.


Perfect for both everyday use and those family excursions abroad, a home video intercom will ease the worry of traveling away from your home and keep it that much more secure.


Designed to keep your business safe with that extra level of protection via camera monitoring, video intercoms are a must in today’s protection of commercial and residential buildings. Whether you need modern security to best keep your small business safer or you have a large complex and are responsible for thousands of employees, we have the video intercom for you.


Don’t you think it’s about time a patient wandering system caught up with our modern day technology? That day is here with our Accutech patient wandering system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we can offer you an ideal replacement or new nurse call system for your medical facility. Like any technology, nurse call systems can become old and begin to break. But we offer a customized approach to finding the best nurse call system for your budget.


When you consider a video intercom proposal from BEC Integrated Solutions, you will enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art system that features some of the most advanced and reliable technology on the market today.


For over 20 years, our customers have continued to depend on the reliable and dependable telephone entry systems we offer.


It’s truly simple to upgrade your home intercom system and increase your home’s value without spending an arm and a leg.


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The wireless doorbell camera is quite genius, and we decided to make it that much better by adding a keypad to our models for secure, quick, keyless entry.


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