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Our blog posts for 2016:


We are the industry leader in providing the best multifamily building entry system on the market today.


In any type of emergency, the Area of Rescue systems give instant access to anyone needing help twenty-four hours a day.


This holiday season is the perfect time to think about a new or upgrade home intercom system from BEC Integrated Solutions. We’re confident that your home or office will benefit from the numerous features we offer in our wide range of home intercom systems.


The next, modern upgrade for your facility has arrived - with our Clinic Light Status Systems, you can do away with the old method of flag systems and loud speakers.


The world is changing. As commerce and technology changes and grows at a substantial rate, there is more and more need to secure not only the properties you are working hard to grow, but also the loved ones you’re working to give a better world.


We at BEC Integrated are proud to introduce our newest and most modern nurse call system, the Tektone Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System.


Our new wireless, WIFI/radio capable video doorbell intercoms are the next level of modern, streamlined security for your personal home or multi-tenant buildings.


Whether you’re an assisted living facility, hospital, or respite home, door wander management is key in helping loved ones and patients alike rest easy, knowing you can always keep a digital eye on your residents.


With a free, instant video intercom quote, you can price these two great products out to see which suits your complex’s needs the best!


We offer free and instant online quotes, any time of the day! 


Proudly becoming a top seller in the multi-unit building industry, video intercom boasts secure building access control to as many as 9,999 unique users per system.


There are two great options available when it comes to upgrading your current nurse call system. A wired nurse call system with some wireless functions and an all-around wireless nurse call system are two choices that we find are most popular today. Consider the different benefits that these tow nurse call system upgrade options provided to any healthcare facility.


Smartphones, keyless entry vehicles, microwaves or electric toothbrushes: what do these have in common? Each are modern-day timesavers! The same is true in our home intercom system. 


Modern assisted living facilities employ wireless nurse call to provide an efficient and comfortable home for the elderly. Wireless Nurse Call integrates every necessary tool needed to provide the best possible assisted living facility to the sick and elderly.


Whether your home or medical facility is located within a highly populated city or out in the country, it’s important to think about the accuracy and dependability of your never fall detection system for patients and loved ones.


If you’re wondering how video intercom can secure your home, office or multitenant apartment complex, you’ve come to the right place. Video intercom works similarly for all venues to provide a secure access control system.


There are many applications of a school intercom system, but we decided to bring together a comprehensive list of the most important intercom system features that pertain directly to school buildings and facilities.


Smart Caregiver’s Wireless Fall Prevention System provides 24 hour quiet alarm tools to keep residents comfortable and safe. Wireless fall prevention is truly a lifesaver that is now quieter than ever!


Looking for the BEST nurse call system upgrade to replace an old nursecall for a great price? Look no further than the Tek-CARE 120 Nurse Call System!


Residing in a gated community is a coveted living situation when a reliable access control system is employed. Telephone entry systems provide the secure access control needed to keep the neighborhood peaceful and safe.


Contact us today to receive your free quote to see if video intercom is exactly what you need in a building entry system.


There are definitely many practical benefits that will result from your decision to upgrade or install a new home intercom system in your residence.


Keep close track of your loved ones’ health and wellness statistics with the Numera Libris GPS Cell Network Locating Device, including numbers such as glucose levels, oximeter, or even blood pressure levels.


Choosing wireless nurse call for your medical facility is just the facelift needed to bring your entire operation into the 21st century.


Go with a trusted name in CCTV security systems. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we’ve been an industry leader for over two decades in providing products that are dependable, intuitive and affordable for our customers.


For the modern age in which we live, video intercom systems aren’t a foreign concept to most multi tenant complexes.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the home intercom systems needed to streamline communication in your home or office while pairing our home intercom system with streaming options to allow you to get the most out of your system.


Protect your family member and rest easy with our GPS wander management devices.


No matter the crisis or emergency, your staff can have the confidence of knowing they have the best nurse call system to handle any situation that may arise.


Security is important, no matter what stage of life you’re in. From home life to work, to everything in between, BEC has you covered with the best security systems on the market.


Let BEC Integrated Solutions be your eyewitness for all activity in and around your property or residence.


Let us check this off your “to-do” list as we show you the numerous features of a home intercom replacement system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


A popular access control system for property owners and private residences is the telephone entry system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.


Contact us today for a customized quote and let us show you the numerous benefits of a GPS locator device.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the most trustworthy, reliable and flexible nurse call system on the market today.


A good video intercom system is essential to proper security for your residence or business.


If you are looking for a security system that is built with quality, is both affordable and reliable, then you’ve picked a great place to start: here.


With a home intercom system from BEC, your home will be filled with music, special family announcements and better peace of mind without the shouting, frustration, and having to gather family from every corner.


Choose a nurse call system from BEC, because in the fast-paced world of medicine, you need the very best tools at your disposal.


At BEC Integrated, LLC, we recognize that your safety and security is not just about you - but also about protecting your family, your residents, and your employees.


Let us take the weight off your shoulders and show you just how easy and affordable it can be to upgrade or replace your home intercom system!


Do your staff and employees feel safe working for you? If there was any hesitation in your answer, you need to consider a commercial security system.


If you want your tenants to see who’s at the door of their complex without having to physically answer the door first, a video intercom from BEC is the perfect solution for your building entry system needs.


In any commercial workplace, safety and security are two of the highest priorities to consider and maintain with your building.


For nearly 20 years, BEC Integrated, Inc. has been a leader in the nurse call systems market.


Our replacement intercom system can use existing wiring in your home or office and can be installed with ease. We even offer brackets to help cover previous intercom systems as newer technology is often smaller.


Securing your professional facility, be it an apartment complex, gated community or even police station, is an incredibly important priority. Consider a video intercom system.


Healthcare heroes need the proper nurse call system equipment in order to be successful.


By installing a home intercom system, you will be able to improve the value of your home while also improving on security, communication, entertainment and so much more.


Our video intercom building entry system gives you an elite measure of integrated security. The BEC building entry system can be paired with up to 300 monitors and multiple entry points.


Products such as your nurse call system have to be operating seamlessly in order to allow staff to do their jobs.


Don’t let your security become routine. That’s why we offer Linear telephone entry systems that will enhance your security measures by providing dependable access control.


This revolutionary new product can serve as an ideal replacement for your existing intercom and replaces most 3, 4, 6 or 7-wire systems. The Nutone Intercom has a number of features and benefits that you are sure to enjoy.


Our wireless nurse call system has a stellar reputation in the medical community as this advanced technology is housed in over 2,500 medical facilities across the globe.


Security has always been one of the most important factors in running any business or for keeping your family safe. Our video intercom is the best choice for your security needs.


Our line of Cornell nurse call system products have been used all across the globe in a variety of medical facilities and now, we’ve made the Cornell nurse call system even better.


Our area of rescue products have been utilized in parking garages, colleges and schools, businesses and a plethora of other residential and commercial facilities, offering a sure method of requesting help at a moment’s notice.


We provide the ultimate in flexibility by allowing you to monitor your apartment building entry system all at an affordable price. The IP video intercom system has been used in apartments, condominiums, villas and many other single and multi-tenant facilities.


Whether you need an intercom upgrade to heighten crystal clear audio quality, to better communicate with your family members or tenants, or to heighten your security to the best available technology, an intercom upgrade through BEC Integrated Solutions is the obvious choice.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide you the nurse call systems you need to ensure your staff has the equipment they need to do their job effectively.


Personal safety is important and that's why we ensure high quality products for our valued customers. Help will always be around the corner when you or your loved ones need it the most.


Wireless nurse call systems have truly paved the way for better healthcare without increasing the cost in today’s economy.


Choose a home intercom system to bring your family or business together: more music, more conversation, more peace of mind.


Each door unit can be accessed with a key fob, access card or by inputting an access code to provide an all-around keyless building entry system experience for tenants and employees.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we leave nothing to chance when offering the highest quality nurse call system at the most affordable price.


This revolutionary product combines the most advanced fall detection technology with health tracking, giving you a more well-rounded and efficient safety solution.


Our video entry intercom system is cable wired, providing better reliability than ever. Network security and a more reliable connection are key in providing you with the best experience possible with our video entry intercom systems.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, perfectly balanced sound and comfortable convenience marry seamlessly in our Home Intercom Systems. With a BEC home intercom system, great quality and comfort are your most affordable option in today’s market.


A secure apartment building and convenient online access control give you the peace of mind you need with the most user friendly, affordable IP Based Video Intercom System technology on the market today.


Although technology has advanced in recent years, there is still an ongoing debate in wired vs. wireless technology.


At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide several varieties of apartment building entry systems to fit nearly any facility imaginable.


Property management brings with it an enormous list of responsibilities. One of the chief concerns of a property owner is the security of their facilities. Read about the numerous benefits that video entry offers as an apartment building entry system.


There are numerous benefits to our wireless dome light systems. Each of our dome lights can be integrated and customized to meet your facility needs.


We provide a clear approach to security systems by offering you customizable security solutions that are reliable and dependable for your needs. Here are several ways our security systems benefit our clients all around the globe.


BEC Integrated Solutions offers one of the most affordable video intercom systems on the market designed for multi-tenant apartment buildings, multistory apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, gated communities, business offices and much more.


Patient wandering systems allow you to keep track of patients, keeping them safe while giving them the best care possible. Here are three situations where a patient elopement system is always a good idea.


Missing a package delivery is a lot like missing Christmas because once an item is ordered you just can’t wait for it to arrive! And when you miss the delivery, well, it’s a little like telling yourself that you’ll just have to postpone Christmas until tomorrow.


With wireless nurse call, nearly all of a medical facility’s communication and safety devices can be regulated by a centralized system. This alone helps streamline facility reports to bring an easy method of improving response times and patient care.


Apartment buildings, especially large, high class buildings, are more susceptible to theft and vandalism if the right security solutions are not readily in place. Make sure to search for the safest home and ask your potential apartment manager about the apartment building’s security features.


TekTone is a dependable and well-known brand in the healthcare communications industry. Proudly made in the USA, TekTone’s Tek-Care400 Nurse Call System offers modern technology that will bring efficient communication to hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and a variety of other medical facilities.


The number one use for our video intercom system is for apartment buildings of all sizes, but we hope you’ll consider these four additional venues that would also benefit from the security provided by video intercom.


Wireless nurse call offers a cost reduced, time saving method for hospital communication that will increase the efficiency of healthcare as a whole.


Is it time to consider replacing your old intercom system and you’re just not sure where to start? Use this free guide to intercom replacement and have a new intercom system in your home in no time for a fraction of the cost!


It’s inevitable. A customer has a complaint and the department manager is nowhere to be found. That's why keeping the lines of communication between staff is imperative in order to run an efficient, well-connected store.


For the highest level of security, consider combining the power of a video intercom system with a CCTV camera system. These two security systems can work hand in hand to provide the highest level of security for both the residents and the property.


Consider adding the following tools to your hospital, clinic, medical office, nursing home or assisted living facility in order to remain competitive in the market and provide the most efficient care possible to patients and residents.


Choose from the best security systems for all types of property and venues with BEC Integrated Solutions’ variety of options.


Our reliable video intercom systems have been used in schools, businesses, hospitals and apartment complexes all over the country so we have a solution that is just right for you. Here are three of the numerous benefits of our reliable video intercom system.


Thinking of upgrading to a wireless nursecall system but not sure if it’s the right choice for your medical facility? Consider these three ways that a nurse call system is better than magic.


If you are looking for the latest in All-in-One Nurse Call technology, then look no further than the wander management solution in our TekTone nurse call systems.


Consider the following reasons why every school should take the time to simply consider the possibility of installing a video entry system.


Wireless nurse call is complex enough to power the communication of entire hospital campuses yet simple enough for the everyday patient to use them during an emergency situation. Keep your medical facility’s communication up-to-date with current wireless devices and choose wireless nurse call.


Although not military grade, our video intercom systems provide the same video surveillance technology that protects our country. Choose your video intercom system today!


Sleep, one of the top needs that many hospitalized patients so desire, is often stolen by constant noises echoing throughout the hallways. Why not fulfill multiple needs and consider wireless nurse call for a quiet, efficient method of streamlined communication?


When high traffic is a daily occurrence in your building, quick and easy yet secure access control for authorized users only is a must. Consider video entry to cover all aspects of entrance security.


Are hospitals equipped with the tools needed to keep staff working efficiently and patient needs continuously met? Consider choosing a wireless nurse call system that will rank your medical facility’s numbers higher than ever.


Is wireless intercom the best form of security for your home or apartment building(s)? Consider the following truths about wireless intercom vs. telephone entry.


YES, replacing a home intercom system can be a DIY project! But consider these key points before you take on the task of a replacement intercom system.


We at BEC Integrated Solutions have proudly promoted TekTone’s reliable products to leading facilities in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years.


If past or present patients discussed their experiences at your healthcare facility, what would they say? Are they raving about the service that they received? Or are they complaining about the lack of attentiveness of nurses and other staff.


Apartment living is often affordable, comfortable and downright convenient; but is it the safest choice of a living situation? Consider heightening apartment security with the installation of an apartment building intercom system with video capabilities.


Wireless patient call systems are becoming more and more common in the healthcare industry and we’re here to tell you why.


Security is often one of the most important aspects of housing when it comes to providing an apartment to your tenants. Consider video entry.


The more wireless devices that are paired with your system, the more potential ways to increase efficiency while on the job.


Why would you want a door camera video intercom for your home or residential property? Well, there are a myriad of reasons to consider…


Consider these great reasons why the words “made in the USA” should be on your list when shopping for wireless nurse call.


There is no better time than NOW to consider an entryway security system for your apartment buildings, complete with video entry door-phone cameras!


Equipping healthcare facilities with proper nurse call tools is essential when dealing with emergency patients or potentially dangerous situations.


What if there was a better solution to property security that involved visual recognition? With a video intercom system your property can be secured…


Choose a wireless nurse call system that is both made and technically supported in the USA! No more oversees tech support calls to foreign call centers.


From convenience to security, choosing the right video intercom system for your home, apartment complex or commercial business is imperative.


In the medical realm, the advancements in wireless nurse call have helped to enhance the experience and relationship of patient and medical staff.


Video intercom offers all of the great features of voice intercom but with the popular function of video viewing.


A wireless nursecall system provides a highly integrateable communication system that will increase the efficiency of your healthcare facility.


Deciding to protect your property with a video intercom system has more steps involved than simply placing an order. Let us help you find the best system


Hospitals, clinics and all other healthcare facilities of any size can benefit from the installation of a wireless nurse call system.


IP Based Video Intercom allows reliable, on-the-go communication lines to be open while protecting your property. Commercial and residential properties...


Join the growing market and choose a wireless nurse call system that will bring your healthcare facility into the 21st century.


Consider heightening the security of your properties with 2 wire video intercom. Choose a full system kit that will meet all your needs.


Consider a new year's resolution that will heighten your property's security with a commercial video intercom system. Ring in the New Year right!